Final Seminar 2023

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Organised by IRD and CNES, the Final Seminar was held at the Hôtel Royal Amazonia, Cayenne, French Guiana between 26 and 30 June 2023.

Participants came from Suriname, French Guiana, Brazil (Amapa, Para, DF Brasilia, etc.) and mainland France.

Video-conferencing links have disseminated in order to allow distant participation.

Three main objectives for the Seminar:

(1) to provide reports and summaries of the results obtained;

(2) to communicate on the dissemination of the results and provide training in the tools produced by the project;

(3) to continue discussions on the direction to be taken by regional cooperation in Earth Observation applications in the Guiana Shield, with a view to structuring new initiatives in response to priority issues.

Access to the presentations

Objectifs et programme du Séminaire (J-F. Faure & C. Charron, IRD)

Progysat : Deux années de coopération dans le plateau des Guyanes (C. Charron, J-F. Faure, IRD)

Focus sur l'action Data Cube (A. Gomes, INPE)

Thematic presentations by Thematic Axis leaders

Conférences thématiques et scientifiques :

Earth Observation in the Guiana Shield: fostering a RegionalCooperation Project to address on-coming Challenges - Minutes of the Round Table (will be made available)

Mid-term Seminar 2022

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Programme Séminaire 2022

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Co-organised by IRD and Anton de Kom University, the mid-term seminar took place at the Hotel Torarica in Paramaribo, Suriname, between 27 and 30 September 2022. It brought together participants from Suriname, French Guyana, Brazil (Amapa, Para, DF Brasilia, etc.) and mainland France. Video-conferencing links enabled remote participants to follow the discussions.

The aim was twofold: to take stock of the first year of activity, and to finalise the cooperation actions planned in year 02 for the period 2022-2023. The seminar provided an opportunity for participants in the project and people from outside the project to share their initial progress. On the basis of an inventory of current scientific programmes in the sub-region, it initiated a forward-looking reflection on the needs to be covered in terms of Earth Observation applications in the Guiana Shield.

Access to presentations

Introduction à Progysat et objectifs du Séminaire (J-F. Faure & C. Charron, IRD)

Presentation by the Theme Leaders of the mid-term progress of the thematic work:

Thematic and scientific conferences:

Présentation de SEAS Guyane (P. Coco, CTG) & Tutoriel Sen2Chain (J. Fozziani, IRD)

Earth Observation for science and development in the Guyana Shield territories. Challenges & perspectives for future actions - Compte-rendu de la Table ronde.

Conclusions du Séminaire (J-F. Faure & C. Charron, IRD)

Kick-off Seminar 2021

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Programme Séminaire 2021

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Organised by the IRD, the launch seminar took place at the Grand Hôtel Montabo for participants from French Guyana and by videoconference for all remote partners and participants, from 23 to 25 June 2021.

Its main objective was to enable all the participants to work on finalising the implementation plan for the thematic work for the period 2021-2022, to raise awareness of the Project among external participants, and to begin the first concrete cooperation actions.

Access to presentations

Présentation de Progysat (C. Charron & J-F. Faure, IRD)

Presentation of the thematic work by the Axis Leaders:

Conclusion du Séminaire (C. Charron et J-F. Faure, IRD)