June 25, 2023

Final Progysat Seminar: detailed program

Access the detailed program dof the Seminar, held in Caiena, French Guiana, between june 26th and june 30th.

All restitutions will be presented on Monday 26th afternoon and Tuesday 27th morning at the Royal Amazonia Hotel.

In the late morning of Tuesday 27th of June, and in the early afternoon of the same day, open conferences on applications, projects and programmes related to Progysat and carried out in French Guiana will be presented to provide input for the Round Table that will close the day. Theme: what regional cooperation actions in the field of Earth observation applications for the future?

An excursion to the Guiana Space Centre and the Macouria Botanical Gardens is scheduled for Wednesday 28th oh June.

If you would like to take part in one of the training workshops organised by the Project on the morning of Thursday 29th and of Friday 30th at the IRD Centre in French Guiana, please contact the organisation.

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Programme détaillé EN_v10

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