June 1, 2023

Opening of the first version of the Progysat website

PROGYSAT is a project under the Interreg Amazon Cooperation Programme (PCIA), supported by the European Union, the Collectivité Territoriale de la Guyane and the Préfecture de Guyane. It is co-financed by CNES and IRD, and led by IRD.

The aim of the project is to develop and facilitate the use of the application potential of Earth Observation in 06 environmental themes of interest to those involved in territorial knowledge and management.

To achieve this, it brings together scientific teams from French Guiana, mainland France, Brazil and Suriname, and associates partners from Guyana, with the aim of making satellite information processing chains, methods and geo-environmental products that characterise or help document natural or man-made dynamics in the Guiana Shield available to research and public players.

Eventually, the website will be able to disseminate all the results obtained over the 2 years it has been running: customisable and executable algorithms, indicators and maps, training tutorials, seminar content (launch, intermediate, final), access to platforms disseminating information produced by Progysat or related to Progysat, communication media, etc.