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Coordination, Heads of Transverse Axis:

Christophe Charron (IRD)

Jean-François Faure (IRD)

Main partner INPE: Alessandra Gomes, Claudio Almeida

Thematic Axis (Theme leaders)

  1. Water resources: Marie-Paule Bonnet (IRD), Joecila Santos da Silva (UEAM)
  2. Health and environment: Emmanuel Roux (IRD), Margarete Gomes (SVS-AP)
  3. Forest biodiversity: Jean-Baptiste Ferret (INRAE), Caroline Bedeau (ONF Guyane)
  4. Pollution: M. Gobinddass (UG), Max Huisden (AdK)
  5. Public policy and forests: Anne-Elisabeth Laques (IRD), Carlos Saito (UnB)
  6. Dynamiques urbaines : Nadine Dessay, Gutemberg da Vilhena Silva (UNIFAP)

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